Meditation / Mindfulness for Recovery

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Stillness for the heart offers meditation classes to help people recover from Addiction, Depression or other crisis. 

We teach methods that bring us gently back to the present moment, helping us to refrain from our usual coping and escaping strategies. The meditations taught are based on the principles of kindness, compassion, joyous appreciation and equanimity for ourselves and the people around us. They allow us to heal from inside rather than trying to depend on outer conditions like shopping, avoiding, isolating, using drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex or food.


Our mindfulness classes show ways to relax our body and mind, finding peace from within and letting go of obsessive thinking. Learning to be present in the moment, being still and creating this nice space in our mind where we are at ease, relaxed and comfortable with oursleves and the world. 

Regular Classes

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Our classes take place in a very informal way; where people gather to share their experiences with meditation and learn from each other. We are trying to create a place where we can relax, be safe and at ease. We have plenty of cushions and chairs so you can make yourselves comfortable. Participants are welcome to bring their own dinner and come a bit earlier. There is a pantry where we can enjoy our meal before the start of the session. (Details)

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